11 March, 2012

utah code camp - spring 2012

i went to code camp yesterday. unfortunately, most of the talks i attended weren't very good. on one of them, the speaker had trouble with his demo, and on the other, the speaker was hardly prepared at all.

merrick christensen, however did a great job on his presentation "the browser as the platform". also, on the "test driving javascript" i learned i never want to use knockout.js in my life. why you'd want to litter your markup with their bindings is really beyond me... but whatever, to each their own.


Michael Murray said...

Why would you want to litter your JavaScript with DOM? ;)

P.S. Your comment submission is completely unusable. I had to find the 'comment-editor' iframe in browser dev tools and manually give it a larger height in order to finish the captcha and see the submit button.

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