05 February, 2009

ASP.NET MVC Release Candidate Now Available!

The release candidate for Microsoft's ASP.NET is finally here.

Sure, this is just another "me-too" Microsoft product: we've had Rails, Cake, and Grails - but this is great news nonetheless! The ASP.NET web forms model is one that I never really understood: Why would you try to imitate a windows form on the web? Anyhow, web forms have been long over-due for a replacement, and now MVC provides a great architectural pattern for building web apps with the .NET framework.

Scott Gu, has written and in-depth article describing some of the most important improvements on this RC. And, from what Phil Haack said on his blog about this release, I get the feeling there's just a few minor bugs that need to be addressed before the RTM. You could probably start using the RC now without any concerns. In fact, I have a co-worker that has been writing a site on MVC since beta with no problems at all. Another co-worker mentioned to me today how much more productive he was under the MVC model than the WebForms model.

If you're still unsure about ASP.NET MVC, go check out stackoveflow.com. StackOverflow was written on the beta release of the MVC stack, and it's an awesome site.

Now, if you're still unsure, just trust me on this one: put your WebForms on the ground, back away slowly! I don't want anyone getting injured here. :)


Mike Murray said...

I've been reading blogs and watching videos about ASP.NET MVC for quite a few months now. I need to implement something with it to really get the feel of it.

I've been meaning to start a little dummy project to learn the system. Maybe you and I could open a shared project and learn it together? I haven't done much TDD before either, which I think MVC is probably good for as well.

What do you think?

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