08 January, 2009

Lucene.net UnAuthorizedAccessException

Unless you specifically tell Lucene.net where to put its LOCK files (for the index readers and writers), it will put them in your OS's default temp directory (normally C:\Windows\TEMP\). This choice of location may be problematic.

As you can imagine, there are plenty of scenarios under which Lucene.net may be running under an identity that does not have enough to access to your temp directory. Under such scenarios, you'll get an UnAuthorizedAccessException thrown at you; and your code may not even be around to handle it.

To solution for this problem is easy; add the following to the section of your application's config file:

After doing this, make sure "Everyone" has full control of the folder you've chosen for Lucene.net to use as its LOCK file folder.

You should also consider properly disposing your indices when your process finishes so that all locks are release on a timely basis. Unfortunately, I can't tell exactly how to do that - you'll just have to figure it out.

Finally, if you're reading this for some other reason than having the exception thrown at you, you should really consider using Lucene. It's great!


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