13 July, 2008

google analytics statistics

i was just reviewing some stats from google analytics, and just want to summarize some things i found interesting.

i'm getting about 30 unique visitors every month; i have to admit, however, that i'm probably 3 of those. most of my traffic is organic and comes through google search (surprise, surprise!).

my most visited blog entry, is the one i had on particle swarm optimization in c#. my guess is that a whole bunch of lazy college students are looking for code so that they won't have to think in order to do their assignment. the traffic that this post gets is so much grater than anything else i've written, that i'm thinking about catering to lazy C.S college students ;)

the other blog entries that get quite a bit of traffic, are the ones on biztalk tips; i can see why this is since there aren't actually that many people that blog about biztalk.

from looking at the reports, however, i'm starting to learn the importance of writing so that you'll come up in search queries. i have an entry, for example, titled "do i really need an orchestration?"; a much better title would have been "when to use an orhestration", or something like that.

i'm excited about the little traffic i'm getting: there's some dude in sweeden that spent 15+ minutes on my site - i didn't even know that i had 15+ minutes worth of material on my blog! even though it's hard to find time to blog, i'll increase my efforts to do so. like jeff atwood, i've found that it truly is almost as much fun to blog about coding as actually writing code is.


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