13 November, 2008

Character Encoding Utility

Have you ever heard of tracer ammunition? Well, this post is kind of a tracer post. In a minute you'll see why.

I recently wrote a small utility to change the character encoding of very large files. I'm thinking about writing a GUI for my utility and making it freely available. Yup, that's right for free.

Except, before I go through the trouble of writing the GUI, I'd thought I'd find out if there's any interest in such tool or not. If you're here, reading this, that's enough to tell me you're interested. Now, if you really need it right now, email me and I'll be happy to send you the command line tool.

And now you know why this is a tracer post. See? I did learn something from The Pragmatic Programmer! Or from The 4 Hour Workweek. Take your pick; they're both excellent books.


El-Heato said...

Not only have I heard of tracer ammunition, I've shot it.

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